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Sanath Sukumaran, PhD
Managing Director, Agile Management Consultancy









Who we are

We specialise on Agile and Knowledge Management training, consulting and coaching with an emphasis on helping individuals, teams and organisations to effectively and effortlessly maximise their human potential. Agile Management Consultancy is the sole affiliated partner for Knoco, UK in Malaysia and a proud partner of A Winner’s Mindset, UK  (A PGI Consultant).

Our Core Offering

Knowledge Management Training / Consulting

We provide Knowledge Management Services covering a range of client needs and client maturities, from the early stages of investigating Knowledge Management, to supporting a fully embedded program.

Software Quality Assurance

We provide Software Quality Assurance training as its important that software are created and tested for its integrity in full and the Software Quality is Assured in order to ensure the outputs are trustable.

Maximising Human Potential

Agile Management Consultancy is proud to be in association with Quantum Leapers, UK to offer a series of high impact life-changing personal and team transformation programs.

Agile Training / Consulting

We provide a range of training and coaching service in the Agile space. Our Agile training includes Agile Project Management Fundamentals and Agile & Lean Implementations. We also conduct Agile coaching and JIRA configuration for project teams.

Software Testing Training

We provide software training course as these days Software testing become an integral and important part of creating and distributing software in all different platforms.

Learning and Development

We help organisations and individuals to migrate to Online & Hybrid Learning and the deployment of contemporary yet cost effective Learning Management System.

We are partners with


Quantum Leapers

Asian Productivity Organisation (APO)

Our clients

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our clients include executive leadership, technology professionals, throughout the public and private sector.  We are a registered small business to work directly with small and medium enterprises but also count a host of large companies, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and dynamic private businesses amongst our clients.

involves Agile/Project Management Training
involves Agile/Project Management consulting
involves Knowledge Management (KM) Training

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