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Cracking the Culture Code for KM

Cracking the Culture Code for KM

One of the key facets of Knowledge Management is Culture as without a strong KM Culture, no matter how perfect a KM plan is, it would fail without a strong KM culture. KM leaders were asked, what is their main objective for implementing KM and the no.1 response is “change the culture of the organization”. To know what KM culture is, we should first understand it.

An interview was set up in 2019 by APQC to a renowned author, Daniel Coyle, author of The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups. Dan is a cultural strategist with a pragmatic approach.  He starts with a very basic principle of thinking about our experiences and challenges what we know about culture – past and present. A collaborative culture feels and works better. Dan’s formula for success focuses on 1) making the environment safe to accelerate building relationships and trust, 2) demonstrating how leaders can use vulnerability to forge reciprocity, and 3) creating a roadmap that gets people onboard for the journey ahead.

Per Dan, great cultures form in critical moments. He will share the critical moments to create a dynamic culture where knowledge flows, grows, and creates value at APQC’s 2019 Knowledge Management Conference happening April 29 through May 3.


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