Why Choose Us

Experience and Expertise

We have grown our experience and expertise in the Agile sector and have become one of the most viable solution-oriented companies in the world, partnering with clients across their specific needs and exceeding their requirements with a range of comprehensive solutions and products that gives them a competitive advantage over other similar brands in their industry.


We believe that delivering bespoke services to clients and consistently performing above their expectations requires effective collaborations with other institutions. As such, we are the sole affiliated partner for Knoco (UK). We are resource experts to the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) based in Tokyo, Japan and Quantum Leapers. Our partners are a critical part of our success.

Customised Services

We respond to the needs of individual clients with tailored solutions. We are the only training company offering customised Agile training and coaching to organisations' specific needs –this includes coaching and mentoring. The value we deliver to clients accommodates all their requirements and delivers results beyond expectations

Continuous Clientele Support

We do not leave our clients alone; we continue to offer post-training sessions to our clients as our unique way of supporting them to ensure optimum performance. Our Agile certification comes with a post-training complimentary exam-prep session and WhatsApp support!

Experienced and Qualified Consultants, Trainers, Coaches and Mentors

We work with the most capable hands in the sector. Our team comprises seasoned professionals, performance-driven, and result-oriented individuals who possess the necessary qualifications, certifications, and experience. Our Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, and Mentors are highly effective in impacting positive change in our clienteles' organisations. Results are guaranteed for clients.

Access to Learning Management System for Continued Learning

For clients that are interested in continued learning, we provide licensed access to a world-class learning management system that keeps them abreast of the latest tools and resources available to sustain their growth.

Certificate Endorsed by Credly

We provide certification to individuals who have participated in our training, mentoring, and consulting sessions. The distinction of our certificate is that it is endorsed by Credly - a global Open Badge platform that closes the gap between skills and opportunities.

Continuous Development

Continuous development is a critical part of the principles we employ to ensure an effective and evolving management system. We believe that we can only meet the growing demands of clients by maximizing emerging trends. We subject ourselves to continuous learning and competence building to be in touch with the latest trends, sharpen our skills, and deliver outcomes that exceed client expectations.